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Strictly ballroom
Written by Jill Stallcup  Photographs by Sarah Brewer

Robin and Greg

Tucked away in the back corner of the lower level of Miller Plaza is a place where people go to let loose. The place is the Kinesthetic Cue Dance Club (KCDC).

The dance studio is known for teaching people to dance comfortably on the social dance floor for almost 13 years. Studio director Harold Renneberg III and his three instructors teach both private and group classes.
Their teaching style is a bit different from other ballroom dance instructors.  Learning to dance requires repetition, and adding a few things at a time allows one to remember the previous moves and build on them.

“I don’t teach you to dance right, I teach you to dance comfortably,” Renneberg says. “And when you are comfortable, usually you will dance right. Dancing is supposed to be fun.”

Carlie and Brian Lee

Debra Barden and Harold Renneberg

Students learn seven of the basic dances.

“We teach the waltz, foxtrot, rumba, tango, cha-cha-cha, single hustle and swing. With these seven dances, you will be able to dance to about 90 percent of the music played,” Renneberg says.

Of course, there are other dances that are taught as well, including mambo, merengue, samba and salsa. The studio also has a belly dancing group class available.

In addition to group and individual classes, KCDC has a dance party every Friday night for club members. “This is a time to come out and practice what you have learned,”
Renneberg says. “We also have several social events each year; two picnics, one in the summer and one in the fall, and special dances, including one on Thanksgiving night.”

Couples often come to KCDC to learn to dance for their wedding, but they are not the only students the studio instructs. Single men, women and couples of all ages can be seen dancing at KCDC.
Some club members started classes to learn to dance for a child’s wedding and have enjoyed it so much they have continued after the wedding was over.

KCDC has held teen-only classes for students in the past. The students wanted to dance at prom and were willing to spend time learning.

Dancing has many benefits: it’s a fun way to exercise, build self-confidence and improve social skills. When learning to dance one improves posture, core balance and coordination, similar to yoga or Tai Chi.

According to Renneberg, ballroom dancing is all about the ladies. A good dance partner will dance to the lady’s abilities and enjoy each experience. Surveys have shown that the average woman presented with two men will choose a man who knows how to

“What is my favorite dance? The one I’m currently dancing,” Renneberg says. “Who’s my favorite dance partner? The lady I am dancing with at the moment.”

Linda and Steve Peters

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