Learn to dance the Three Way Method at Kinesthetic Cue Dance Club

At The Kinesthetic Cue Dance Club we use what is known as the Three Way Method of teaching.  The three ways are private lessons, group classes and dance parties.  Each way has a purpose.

Dance parties

The dance parties are a GREAT place to practice what you’re learning.  You’ll never get better if you don’t practice.  We hold a dance party every Friday night at the club.  It is a fun occasion when we all come together and dance together -- beginners, intermediate, advanced, instructors, guests. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, people are friendly.  We have refreshments, socialize, and dance in a club-like, smoke-free, party atmosphere


Group classes

The group classes are an economical way to learn steps and patterns in different dances.  One instructor teaches a small group of student dancers in a way that expands the private individual lesson.  A different dance is taught each month, and group classes are taught at different levels.  On Monday nights we teach a group class for beginner dancers, Thursday night classes are a little more advanced, and Friday nights are for the more advanced.  

Tuesday salsa class


Private lessons

Private lessons (one instructor with one student or a couple) provide you with the opportunity for  your instructor to  work with you on an individual basis in leading and following, development of posture and dance frame, and the overall dancing of the dances. 

Private lessons get you off to a fast start on your way to competent dancing 




A couple is learning the swing 

We’ve discovered that when people use the Three Way Method of teaching, their learning rate and retention of material covered is better than that of people not using the Three Way Method. Whether you are a couple who wants to learn a new skill together, or an individual who wants to broaden yourself, the Kinesthetic Cue Dance Club has the right class for you.  

Let us know when you're ready


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